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Blain was getting bored, he always did after toying with his candidates for a while. He sighed pushing back stray strands of his dark red hair. The wolf man growled swiping its claw at its prey, blain swiftly dodged, pulling a face.
"shame.. you were a pretty good opponent" he whispered pulling his blindfold up reveling his right eye, his pupil was restless as the wild shades of gold and amber danced playfully around his iris. He blinked rapidly trying to adjust to the light of the moon; it had been long since he had last had to do this. The wolf man  growled again, impatiently waiting for its prey to strike back, Blain's eye focused onto the wolf man, a twisted grin was plastered onto his face, followed by a demonic laugh.

Blain lashed out his katana at a ferocious speed, cutting into the wolf man's chest and upper arm, the wolf man howled in pain as the blood gushed out, it tried to dodge or strike back, but at this point the outcome of the battle was certain. The wolf man cowered yelping like a small animal as Blain edged closer. Blain stepped forward, laughing hysterical as his body swayed, drunk with his own bloodlust. He lifted his katana up , and then slamming it point blank into the wolf man's jaws. The yelping stopped, the wolf man was dead. His smile twisted, he stabbed the wolf mans corpse, again and again, slashing away to his heart's content, his manic laugh piercing the nights sky.

Eve lifted her head, she had heard the laughter, he was coming back soon. She readied her revolver, replacing the bullets with tranquilizers, she often carried them with her, and she had because with Blain, you could never be too careful. The front door was swung open, she could hear the sound of what appeared to be two swords scraping the cabins wooden floor, the sudden bursts of sadistic laughter getting closer to the door, a clumsy hand that banged against the door, trying to find the handle

The lock clicked open, Blain tottered in, covered in the wolf mans blood; he slumped onto the bed, resting his head on Eve's shoulder, still smiling. Eve's hand lay on her revolver, she starred at him, her eyes were uneasy and tired. Blain chuckled to himself, he lifted his head and starred into her eyes
" He managed to slash my mark" he touched his left shoulder where a red tattoo lay hidden from all the blood spilled, it was in the shape of the spade. His bloodied hand slowly reached for Eve's brow, carefully pushing her fringe back exposing her distorted diamond shaped pupil and the many shades of turquoise and silver delicately swirling around her iris. She glowered, pushing his hand away, pulling his blindfold down fully; tightening it at the back to make sure it wouldn't come loose. she got up and walked towards the door.
" try to get some sleep ok?" her hand hovered on the light switch " I'll tend to your wounds tomorrow"
Blain nodded as the lights were turned off and he was left in the darkness again.


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i think the url says it all :3

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